Step: 8 Avoid People with Stinkin’ Thinkin’ – Introduction

The next step was to begin a set of daily task sheets that will allow you to follow your map to the course that you outlined, which leads to your dreams and goals.  Once that was done, you shared your dreams and goals with others, so that you may get a broader look at how best to achieve your dreams and goals.   In addition to that, hearing your dreams and goals constantly helps you to not only commit to them, but to stay committed to your dreams and goals.  You are now ready to protect your dreams and goals so that when you share them with someone who does not share your enthusiasm, you do not let them walk away stealing your dreams and goals.  You must master the ability to avoid people with stinking thinking.  These are people who are just purely negative about everything.  They never have a kind word for anyone.  After all, not everyone that you share your dreams and goals with are going to be positive or have positive feedback.  The important thing to remember that Sharing your dreams and goals with the right person can make all the difference.  Sharing your dreams and goals with the wrong person can also affect you if you allow them to.

Step 8: Avoid People with Stinkin’ Thinkin’


Things to Remember:


  1. Protect your goals.


  1. Avoid people who are negative by nature.


  1. Don’t let others steal your joy.


  1. Mirror success.


  1. Attract the right kind of people.


  1. Build your own dream team.


  1. Recapture your inner-child.


  1. The boomerang effect of being positive to others.


  1. Study those that have overcome adversity.


  1. Be an example to others.
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