Step: 5 Mapping a Course of Action – Introduction

Mapping a course of action will help you to draw an outline of all of the action items required to achieve your dreams and goals. Your map is a mere detailed plan of all of the things you will have to do in order to achieve your goal. Similar to a road map, your map should detail all of the turns that you need to make, to reach your destination. To set your map up properly you will need to write down all of the things that you are going to need to accomplish in order to reach your goal. At this time, you are going to simply jot down Items. Once you have written them all down you will need to put them in order from the easiest task to the hardest, as well as which task can be accomplished right away and which ones will take more time.

Step 5: Mapping a Course of Action


Things to Remember:


  1. Success is the little things that you do.


  1. Your outline is your map.


  1. Create your road map for success.


  1. The importance of mapping your course.


  1. Get good directions.


  1. Get around the delays.


  1. Think in detail.


  1. Identify the people that you need to meet.


  1. Meet the people that you identified.


  1. Develop a plan of action.


  1. Be specific.


  1. Action is the key.
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