Step 11: Obsession: Having a Success Mindset – Introduction

The more you share your dreams and goals with others the greater your commitment will be to achieve it.  Every now and again you might run into a stinker a person with that stinking thinking.  You will know the stinkers right away because they will have nothing, but negative words and opinions about what you are doing.  Do not allow them to steal your drive for success.  They can only take it away from you if you allow them to.  So if you are prepared for both the good and the bad things that can occur on your journey.  Then it would be more likely that you will reach your dreams and goals.  Being prepared means thinking of some of the positive and negative possibilities that may appear and having some solutions for them waiting.  Just believe in yourself, act as if, it has already happened.  Prepare your mind to achieve your dreams and goals and they will be delivered unto you.  That is truly the foundation to having a mindset for success and experiencing a wonderful sense of accomplishment when you achieve your dreams and goals.

Step 11: Obsession: Having a Success Mindset


Things to Remember:


  1. Do more for yourself and others.


  1. Make better decisions.


  1. Be organized and effective.


  1. Increase your confidence and self-worth.


  1. Feel more fulfilled and enthusiastic.


  1. Have the right mental attitude.


  1. You are what you think about.


  1. Stalk your dreams.
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