Step 10: Believe in Yourself “ACT AS IF” – Introduction

Every day take steps toward accomplishing your goals by breaking your goals down into smaller tasks that can be accomplished daily. That is how you increase your odds for success.  You must stay committed in order for your dreams and goals to manifest themselves into actualization.  In order to make sure you are on the right track share your goals with others.  Sharing your goals and saying them out loud will give them life.  They are no longer just thoughts.  Now that your dreams and goals have life you want to nurture them by being open to receive objective feedback from friends and relatives and neighbors and my personal favorite, strangers.  People who are not overly familiar with you can sometimes provide the best advice on how to accomplish your dreams and goals.  Do your best to avoid those negative folks.  You know the ones that find something negative to say about everything. They can be dream killers.  It is inevitable that the closer you get to achieve your dreams and goals more challenges will present themselves. Beware this is just a test.  It is a pass or fail test.  If you turn and run at the first signs of adversity than you fail.  If you continue to persevere and press on through your troubles you will pass.


This part of the journey will also provide you with a lot of positive outcomes.  You will find that along your journey you have become more disciplined, and more regimented.  Success takes discipline.  If you are prepared for both the good things that will reward you on your journey along with the bad things that are bound to happen you will truly be prepared to receive success.  You must believe that you deserve success because you do.  Many times success, before it manifests itself, requires you to believe that it will happen.  Not that it can happen.  If you believe in yourself and believe that you deserve to accomplish your dreams and goals.  If you act as if you’re already walking in your success than achieving the success of accomplishing your dreams and goals will ultimately be yours.

Step 10: Believe in Yourself “Act As If”


Things to Remember:


  1. The power of believing.


  1. Believe when others don’t.


  1. Believing in others.


  1. Unlock the power within yourself.


  1. Master yourself.


  1. “Act As If”….it has already happened.


  1. Build your belief system.


  1. If you don’t believe, others won’t.


  1. Dream in detail.
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