Step One: Know Yourself – Introduction

Achieving success leads to self-fulfillment.  No matter what type of success you set out to achieve, obtaining a goal makes you feel great.  Many people wonder how some people seem to have a lot of success, while others never seem to experience success at all.  It is because the people who achieve success, at some point, have learned or been exposed to the formula for achieving it.  Yes, there is a formula for achieving success. A formula is a predictable method that once implemented, produces the same results over and over again.  The formula for success will be outlined step-by-step in this book. If you follow all of the steps in this book, the dreams and goals that you want to achieve will be obtained.


Success is a personal achievement. It means something different to everyone.  There are numerous accomplishments that tend to make someone feel successful.  Many people who achieve certain financial benchmarks consider themselves successful and even that has degrees.  There are religious or spiritual benchmarks, career benchmarks, health and family benchmarks, etc. At the base of the formula for achieving success is the most important factor in the formula: YOU.  Getting to know the person you are is the first and most important step in the formula.  Often self-help books overlook this foundational step.  In order to benefit from self-help and accomplish your goals, you will have to do just that, help yourself.  Emphasis on self.  That is where it all begins.


You may have tried several methodologies and techniques and still wonder why you have not become successful.  You are the key to your success.  If you are not feeling successful in life right now, it is possible that you have not fully embraced who you are. You have to be receptive to making changes in the way you do things.  Some of these changes may be minor while other changes may be a major paradigm shift.  You may have to change the way you think and how you process information.


Knowing who you are means you must have an understanding of how you process new information.  For example, you may learn best through visualization. You retain information best when you are able to see it.  Books are great learning tools for visual learners.  You may be an auditory learner if your learning skills are optimized once you hear information. For auditory learners, audio books serve a better purpose for retaining information. There are also people who are hands-on learners.  If that describes you, then you may learn best when you have to perform an action or actually apply new skills to retain them.  Knowing these things about yourself will increase your chances of finding the best way for you to retain and apply information.


In order for you to make changes in your life, there has to be some type of motivation.  So not only is it important to know how you retain information, but it is equally important to know what the payoff is.  What will you gain once you apply the information you receive?  Understand how you will benefit from accomplishing your goals will make them a lot more tangible.  The self-benefit helps to keep you focused.  In order to be successful in life, you must have a reason why you want to be successful.


When you do not fully understand how you benefit, the usual result is you giving up easily or as soon as any challenge presents itself.  Attempting to obtain any goal is going to present challenges. The fuel you will need to continue pushing forward is recognizing the benefit of achieving the goal. What is the benefit of going through all that you will have to go through to obtain your dreams and goals?


Many people do not obtain their goals simply because they are focusing on the wrong things.  If you are more fixated on the goal that you are trying to achieve, instead of the benefit of achieving that goal, you just might find that goal slipping out of your grasp.  So, take some time right now to think about how you retain information you receive.  Do you need to see it, hear it, or actually apply it?  In the realm of accomplishing goals, you need to know that about yourself, along with what you stand to benefit from accomplishing your goals.

Things to Remember:


  1. Know who you are.


  1. Know your strengths and weaknesses.


  1. Find and develop good habits.


  1. Model positive behavior.


  1. Remember that you are a product of your environment.


  1. Reinvent yourself daily.


  1. Be your best friend.


  1. Work on what you can control.


  1. Foster self-confidence.


  1. Find your inner genius.


  1. Stay disciplined.


  1. You are who you believe yourself to be.


  1. You must have dreams and goals.
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