Welcome to Book Writing University's Online Author Academy. The first step in the process is to register and set up your account. Once you do that you will see your account page which contains all the information you need to get started.

Prior to selecting a course, we highly recommend reviewing the course description in order to make an informed decision about course selection and prerequisites.

Once you have registered and/or logged in, please feel free to go through the selection of courses. once you have decided on a course you are free to begin studying the course content. Most of our courses are in PDF version which you can either download or view with or online reader. Some other courses are laid out with different units and sections online as well.

As you take each unit and complete it, the progress will be highlighted on your course timeline o the right hand sidebar. Once you have finished the curriculum and are ready for the test, you may then proceed to the shop area to pay for the exam. This will unlock the exam and the certification process as well. You will be able to take the exam up to 3 additional times if you fail on an attempt. Upon successful completion of the Final Exam, you simply click on the "finish Course button and you are done!

Once you have completed a course successfully, you can view the test results from your profile page. From there you will also see the certificate you have earned. Then you can view, download and print the certificate right form the website. *Please not that you will need the latest adobe PDF reader in order to view and print the actual Certificate.

Your profile/Account page on Book Writing University is a powerful tool and allows you to do many things through that page. This includes adding info, a profile picture and managing your community connections. You will also see notices and messages there, as well as the status of your current course. For extra security, only you and Administrators can view your Profile Activity and Course status. This includes the certificates as well. At the top right hand corner is the link to log in and out of your account. but this areas also provides you with a drop-down box highlighting some key features from your account page. This allows you to quickly manage some key features of your Book Writing University profile



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Book Writing University is an online university where aspiring writers, as well as seasoned writers, can take courses that can help them not only get their book published, but teach them how to build a business around their book as well.

At Book Writing University we pride ourselves on not only teaching every aspect of the creative process but how to monetize your book as well.
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