Success: Following Your Map

Find the road that leads to the destination you want to reach by simply putting one foot in front of the other, and you will reach the destination at the end of the road.


    You can truly attain your dreams and goals no matter what they are, as long as you keep in mind the importance of getting to know yourself.  The better you get at studying what makes you tick, the better you will get at being able to use techniques that you will be able to implement to achieve success.  The more you get to know yourself, the easier it will become to find your purpose.  Finding your purpose involves being able to understand your reason for existence.  You have been uniquely designed to carry out a specific purpose. Discovering your purpose opens the door to being able to set goals that are aligned with your purpose.  After you have set goals that you want to achieve, you must now set deadlines in which your goals will be achieved.  Your deadline is your finish line.  Once your deadline is in place, then it is time to map a course of action.  Mapping your course involves breaking your big goals down into smaller tasks that can be achieved as short-term or long-term goals.  Now you are ready to actually begin the journey, which begins once you follow the path that you set, ultimately leading you to your dreams and goals.

    With  Book Writing University Courses, your satisfaction with our courses and process is very important to us. The first unit in every course is free to view and download. You only pay, when you are ready for to take the full course. That will unlock both the Exam and the Certificate of Completion. Detailed information on reviewing your results, evaluation and printing your certificate are explained as well, once you unlock the exam and certificate.

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    Course Curriculum

    Step: 6 Following Your Map – Introduction FREE 00:00:00
    Place Your Goals Where You Can See Them 00:00:00
    Take Steps Daily 00:00:00
    Find Others Who Have Accomplished Similar Goals 00:00:00
    Check it Off 00:00:00
    Activity is Not Accomplishment 00:00:00
    Two Types of People 00:00:00
    Commit to Your Journey 00:00:00
    Eggs and Bacon Commitment 00:00:00
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