Success: Defining Your Purpose

“The crowning future of a man is to be born to some pursuit which finds him in employment and happiness.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


    Every person on the planet was designed for a specific purpose. There are as varying degrees of purpose as there are people. One of your primary goals in life should be to find out what your purpose in life is. Somehow just knowing that you were designed for a purpose should motivate you to find out just what your purpose in life is. It is when you discover your purpose, and live your life according to it, that life truly becomes more fulfilling. To define your purpose you will have to spend some considerable time reflecting on you and some of the things that you like to do that seemingly come natural to you. Defining your purpose allows your life to be compatible with your purpose. That simply translates into a more harmonious life.

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    Course Curriculum

    Step 2: Defining Your Purpose Introduction FREE 00:00:00
    The Power of Why 00:00:00
    Why Are You Here? 00:00:00
    What Makes You Feel Great? 00:00:00
    The Michael Jordan Theory 00:00:00
    Determining Your Purpose 00:00:00
    Do Not Delay Your Goals 00:00:00
    Gain Knowledge by Defining Your Purpose 00:00:00
    Overcoming Stumbling Blocks 00:00:00
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