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    Welcome to Max Fortune’s

    Self-Study Book Writing Course.

    We have created an easy to follow template for engineering a book in 12 weeks or less. This 10 step proprietary book engineering template was designed by Max Fortune and gives you the steps you need to start and finish your book.

    During this course, you will learn techniques on how to write your book, how to create an outline that
    makes it easy to stay focused and have less moments of writers block.

    If you are thinking about writing, completing and publishing a book, but aren’t sure where to start this course is perfect for you.


    Course Curriculum

    Planning Your Book – Step One 3 months
    Key Goals to Focus on – Step Two 3 months
    What to write about? – Step Three 3 months
    Creating a Good Book Cover – Step Four 3 months
    Important Elements of a Book Cover – Step Five 3 months
    Creating a Catchy Title – Step Six 3 months
    Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing – Step Seven 3 months
    Submitting Your Manuscript to publishers – Step Eight 3 months
    Getting Published – Step Nine 3 months
    Creating a Business Around Your Book -Step Ten 3 months

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