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    Welcome to Max Fortune’s

    Authorpreneur Master Class

    I have created an easy to follow template for engineering a book in 12 weeks or less. This 10 step proprietary book engineering template was designed by Me and gives you the steps you need to start and finish your book.

    Writing a book can be a very difficult and daunting task.  With the proper plan and the proper strategy it can also be one of the most fulfilling experiences a person can achieve or accomplish.

    Discover how to plan your book, how to figure out what you should be writing about, what your primary objective is, as well as who your ideal prospect for your book truly is.

    Whether you are a new author or a seasoned author, the most important element you must figure out is, what is the business around your book and how can you tap into it.  This book will show you how to do just that.

    You will also learn techniques on how to write your book in 90 days or less, easy methods that make it easy to stay focused and have less moments of writers block

    Inside you will find ways to get your book paid for without spending one penny out of your pocket. These techniques will allow you to publish your book absolutely FREE.

    Marketing your book today is not what it was like ten years ago or even five years ago for that matter; you have to employ different tactics in today’s world, to move your books. Find out simple methods to have a successful book launch and ways to create an endless stream of cash flow, from your book.

    If you take this course and utilize the information inside not only will your book be a tremendous success, you will have truly discovered “How to Publish a Book and Make a Fortune.”

    Course Curriculum

    Week One
    How to Find Your Passion – Week One 7 days
    Week One is about finding your passion and tip to help you with the book writing process.
    Press Releases 00:00:00
    Writing an effective Press Release 00:00:00
    Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses 00:00:00
    Improving Brand Image 00:00:00
    Planning Your Book 00:00:00
    Finding your Inner Genius 00:00:00
    How to Gain World Wide Distribution 00:00:00
    Going Viral 00:00:00
    What to Write About 00:00:00
    Finding and Developing Good Habits 00:00:00
    How to Get Found on the Internet 00:00:00
    Week Two
    What is Your Primary Objective for Writing Your Book? 00:00:00
    Step 2: Defining Your Purpose Introduction FREE 00:00:00
    What Need, Desire or Problem Can You Solve? 00:00:00
    Introduction: Newsletters FREE 00:00:00
    How to Create Credibility 00:00:00
    Who is your Ideal Prospect? 00:00:00
    What Makes You Feel Great? 00:00:00
    Gain Knowledge by Defining Your Purpose 00:00:00
    What is the Business around your Book? 00:00:00
    Building Customer Confidence 00:00:00
    Week Three
    Do Not Delay Your Goals 00:00:00
    Write it in 90 days 00:00:00
    Don’t Be Afraid To Set Goals 00:00:00
    E-mail Marketing 00:00:00
    Follow-up for Profits 00:00:00
    Automate Your Responses 00:00:00
    How to Outline your book 00:00:00
    Write Your Goals Down 00:00:00
    Organizing Your Topics 00:00:00
    Grow Your Customer Database 00:00:00
    Easy Opt-in Tricks 00:00:00
    Week Four
    Take Action Daily 00:00:00
    Gather Research on Your Topic 00:00:00
    Picture Yourself Accomplishing Your Goals 00:00:00
    WWW: Wonderful Websites Win Business 00:00:00
    Creating a Gmail Account for Your Business 00:00:00
    Set Realistic Goals & Deadlines 00:00:00
    The Deadline is Your Finish Line 00:00:00
    Don’t Get Discouraged 00:00:00
    Schedule Time (Be Disciplined) 00:00:00
    Increase Visibility with Google Adwords 00:00:00
    Week Five
    The Power of Accomplishment 00:00:00
    How to Create a Catchy Title 00:00:00
    Turning Your Dreams Into Goals 00:00:00
    The Importance of Blogging 00:00:00
    How to Create a Blog That Gets Customers 00:00:00
    Creating an Amazing Book Cover 00:00:00
    Your Outline is Your Map 00:00:00
    Submitting to publishers 00:00:00
    How to Create Video Blogs Easily 00:00:00
    How to Create an Effective Audio Blog 00:00:00
    Week Six
    Creating Your Road Map for Success 00:00:00
    Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing – Step Seven 3 months
    Welcome to Book Writing University's 10 Step - 90 Day Book Writing Course. We have created an easy to follow template for engineering a book in 12 weeks or less. This 10 step proprietary book engineering template was designed by Max Fortune and gives you the steps you need to start and finish your book. During this course, you will learn techniques on how to write your book, how to create an outline that makes it easy to stay focused and have less moments of writers block. If you are thinking about writing, completing and publishing a book, but aren’t sure where to start this course is perfect for you.
    The Importance of Mapping Your Course 00:00:00
    Introduction: Search Engine Optimization Campaign FREE 00:00:00
    The Best Search Engines 00:00:00
    Understanding Google Searches 00:00:00
    4 Main Types of Editing Services 00:00:00
    Place Your Goals Where You Can See Them 00:00:00
    The importance of Typesetting 00:00:00
    Week Seven
    Take Steps Daily 00:00:00
    How to Get on the First Page of Google 00:00:00
    Obtaining Copyrights 00:00:00
    Facebook 00:00:00
    ISBN’s and Bar Codes 00:00:00
    Breathe Life into Your Dreams and Goals 00:00:00
    Getting Endorsements for Your Book 00:00:00
    Field Reactions to Your Goals 00:00:00
    Pricing Your Book 00:00:00
    Twitter 00:00:00
    Week Eight
    Modeling Positive Behavior 00:00:00
    How to properly cite references 00:00:00
    Listen And Live it 00:00:00
    Google+ 00:00:00
    Introduction: How to Pay for Your Book FREE 00:00:00
    Crowdfunding 00:00:00
    Protect Your Goals 00:00:00
    Develop a Plan of Action 00:00:00
    Sell Ads in Your Book 00:00:00
    Step: 8 Avoid People with Stinkin’ Thinkin’ – Introduction FREE 00:00:00
    LinkedIn 00:00:00
    Week Nine
    Building Your Belief System 00:00:00
    Feature Profile 00:00:00
    Attract the Right Kind of People 00:00:00
    YouTube 00:00:00
    Bonus Chapters 00:00:00
    Sponsorships 00:00:00
    F.E.A.R 00:00:00
    Dream in Detail 00:00:00
    Activity Creates Excitement 00:00:00
    Introduction: Video Marketing FREE 00:00:00
    Types of Effective Video Marketing 00:00:00
    Week Ten
    Press Releases 00:00:00
    Author Press Kit 00:00:00
    Gold 00:00:00
    Social Media 00:00:00
    YouTube 00:00:00
    The Power of Believing 00:00:00
    Hiring A Publicist 00:00:00
    Pitching T.V. & Radio Stations 00:00:00
    Unlock the Power within Yourself 00:00:00
    How To Create Your Own YouTube Channel 00:00:00
    Week Eleven
    Book Signings 00:00:00
    “Act As If”…..It Has Already Happened 00:00:00
    Written Blogs 00:00:00
    Video Blogs 00:00:00
    Guest Blogging 00:00:00
    Creating Viral Video Marketing 00:00:00
    Being More Organized and Effective 00:00:00
    Websites that promote books 00:00:00
    Author Website 00:00:00
    Increasing Your Confidence and Self-Worth 00:00:00
    How to Measure Your Success 00:00:00
    Week Twelve
    Introduction: Email Marketing FREE 00:00:00
    You Are What You Think About 00:00:00
    Speaking Engagements 00:00:00
    Be Driven From Within 00:00:00
    Creating a Business Around Your Book 00:00:00
    Building a Winning Attitude 00:00:00
    Week Thirteen
    Using your Book as a Brochure 00:00:00
    Visualize Reaching Your Goals 00:00:00
    Don’t Let Obstacles Become Obstructions 00:00:00
    Know Why Your Goals Are Important 00:00:00
    The Power of Dreams and Goals 00:00:00
    The Feeling of Accomplishment 00:00:00

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