Cost Effective Marketing for Self-Published Books

Cost Effective Marketing for Self-Published Books

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Marketing isn’t a skill that most authors have naturally, and there is little formal training. But when your book hits the shelves, and the sales don’t start rolling in, there are only two things an author can do.

Keep writing more books and … Come to grips with marketing.

The best time to design and implement your marketing plan of ac¬tion is before you even start writing your book. It takes time to build relationships, learn your readers wants and needs and develop a base of rabid fans that clamor for more.
The best thing to do is grow your readership as you write your book, and when it’s time to launch your book, you’ll already have an invested and eager audience waiting.

Here are some tried and proven techniques to market your book:

Press Releases

Here are some key items to keep in mind about using press releases to promote your self-published book:
1. The objective of a press release is to get media attention and coverage, not to sell books.
You do press releases so the media (i.e., TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, Websites, and Blogs) will potentially review or discuss your book in their publications or on their channels and this cover¬age will drive sales.

Author Press Kit

Publicity can be a wonderful marketing tool. Imagine talking about your book on a local morning show, getting a mention in the city paper or having your book reviewed by a popular website. Many au¬thors strive for these publicity opportunities but find them difficult to attain without first sending a press kit. Luckily, every author can build his or her own press kit to communicate with the media.

Having a press kit is a great way to prepare yourself for the marketing arena.
Your press kit may be requested by retailers, book bloggers, event planners, editors; basically, anyone who might take an interest in you as an author or in the topic of your book.

So what should your press kit contain?
Most people requesting a press kit would like the following information:
1) Author Bio and Contact Information
2) Press Release
3) Sample Author Q&A
4) Specific Information on Your Book

Social Media

Wondering how to get people excited about your book? Do you want people actively sharing your book with their friends?
Today, authors have an amazing advantage. Not only are there millions of bloggers whose collective audience is larger and more engaged than that of the traditional press, there are also mil-lions of consumers who are one click away from sharing your work with their friends on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Power to the people!
If you can make it easy for people to share and get excited about your book, you won’t need to spend big bucks or hope you make the list of some old newspaper that no-one really reads anymore.
Below are some techniques you can use to help your book go viral with social media.

Pitching T.V. & Radio Stations

First, before you approach any television or radio producer, you need a hook. A hook is that something special that makes a producer want to book you above all the others who call them. It’s that special angle that separates you out from the rest. Sometimes it’s your personal story. Sometimes it’s a newsworthy event that puts you front and center because of your timely expertise.

Sometimes it’s a gimmick you can offer (a demonstration, free stuff, inside info that’ll make you thinner, prettier, live longer.) A hook is essential to getting a producer’s attention. Think like a producer. What would be of interest to their show’s viewers? Do your homework. Watch or listen to their program and figure out what they like, and then give it to them. Finish this sentence coming up ….

Book Signings

Acquiring and Hosting a Book Signing

Book signings require some careful planning and hard work. To plan for and conduct a successful book signing, you need to:

Research likely venues and locations
Contact appropriate individuals at each location and arrange for the book signing event
Schedule the book signing to coincide (and not clash) with other area events
Gather materials and prepare for the book signing
In some cases, order books to fulfill the sales opportunity
Take care of the signing set-up, presentation, and clean-up
Follow up with contacts after the book signing
Researching in Advance of Your Book Signing

Research is as critical for planning a successful book signing as it is for every phase of your promotional and marketing plan. Your goal in conducting a book signing is twofold:To draw people to the event and To sell books

To reach either goal, you need to find the best venues for your book signing, and then plan a book signing event that’s sure to succeed with the crowd you attract to each venue.

While bookstores are logical places to conduct book signings, they aren’t the only locations you should consider. Book clubs, professional and social organization meetings, and retail outlets associated with your book’s topic are all good venues for conducting a book signing.

You also need to research the area’s other events to determine the best schedule for your book signing. You don’t want to conflict with other major events in the area. Read the local newspapers and check with area educational and professional organizations to determine what other events are scheduled in your area.

Written Blogs

Write about what people who read your books might enjoy reading.
Write for your readers
Share some book excerpts.
Create a book FAQ.
Write some articles about the history behind some of the elements in your book.

Make your blog as interesting as possible
The aim of your book launch is to garner a lot of traffic to your blog–people who might want to buy your book or, even better, sign up to your mailing list.

This is by far not a complete list but a good list of things that require more time than money and can clearly help you to market your book in the most cost-effective way.

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November 21, 2017

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